Conditions for People with Disabilities

Altai State University is trying to make the educational environment as accessible and convenient as possible for all students. It provides all the necessary conditions with people with disabilities.

Organization of the educational process for people with disabilities

At Altai State University, the organization of educational activities for students with disabilities is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of psychophysical development, individual opportunities and the state of health of such students.

For students with health restrictions, the curriculum provides for elective disciplines, which gives the student the opportunity to choose an individual learning path. If necessary, students are provided with adapted educational programs.

Classes of students with disabilities can be organized both jointly with other students and in separate groups. The current monitoring of academic performance, intermediate and state final certification of students is carried out taking into account health restrictions.

The term for receiving an educational program for people with disabilities can be increased to the extent established by the educational standard, based on a written statement from the student.

Upon request, students with disabilities of various nosologies are provided with special technical equipment, the services of an assistant (assistant) who provides the necessary technical assistance.

Material and technical support of the educational process for people with disabilities

To ensure access to education for people with disabilities, special equipment is used in the educational process.

All educational buildings are equipped with:

  • Parking with handicap spots
  • Help call button in front of the entry staircase
  • Unobstructed entry / exit into the building
  • Outdoor tactile mnemonic diagram
  • Expanded doorways
  • Doors in contrasting yellow circles
  • Ramps
  • Step-walkers (wheelchairs for the disabled)
  • Tactile contrasting pointers and pictograms
  • Stairs: anti-slip contrast strips, tactile stickers on the railing
  • Equipped sanitary-hygienic rooms
  • Tactile way
  • The elevator with voice acting
  • Outdoor information terminal
  • Place for blind and visually impaired students, duplicating visual information of sound
  • Information and light boards (creeping lines)

Creating an educational environment, involving students in volunteering and other events

The most important condition for the effectiveness of inclusive education is the creation of an educational environment based on the development of universal values ​​among students.

This task is posed and successfully solved by Altai State University. The students are actively involved in volunteering and other interesting events – they help orphanages and nursing homes, arrange “environmental landings”, go out with charity concerts, conduct raids to clean the city and participate in organizing status events at the regional and national levels that take place in our university and city.

The university provides equal opportunities for all students to participate in all organized events. When planning events, the need to involve students with disabilities without allocating them to a separate group is taken into account.

The list of events organized for people with disabilities:

  1. Conducting a regional contest "The best volunteer of Abilympics 2019" in Altai Krai.
  2. Training of student volunteers according to the “Volunteer Abilympics” methodology, training in the programs: “Training of volunteers in the formation of skills to accompany people with disabilities”, “Inclusive volunteering at the university”.
  3. Training of employees according to the program “Content-methodological and technological foundations for the examination of professional skills contests of people with disabilities”.
  4. Training of university employees under the program "Organizational and psychological-pedagogical foundations of inclusive higher education."
  5. Participation of student volunteers in the project “Step Towards”.
  6. Organization and participation in regional and national championships of professional excellence among persons with disabilities and the Abilimpiks special educational institution (Biysk, Moscow).
  7. Participation in the V Interregional Festival of Creativity of Persons with Disabilities “World without Borders” (Tomsk).
  8. Participation in the All-Russian Network Contest "Professional Tomorrow" with the participation of students with disabilities (Moscow).
  9. Participation in the online course for students with disabilities "Fundamentals of personal growth" and "Development of body resources."
  10. Organization and holding of the city music festival for children with disabilities "Music without Borders".
  11. Provision of financial assistance and the appointment of state social scholarships in an increased amount.

Documents addressing coditions for people with disabilities

  1. Agreement on cooperation between the University and the Altai regional branch of the All-Russian Public Organization of the Disabled "All-Russian Society of the Deaf", which provides for the provision of sign language interpreters.
  2. Order of the first vice-rector for eductional work No. 642 dated 09/27/2019 on the comprehensive support of the educational process of disabled people and students with disabilities, a tutor, a psychologist, a social educator, and a specialist in assisting with technical and software training.
  3. Abilympics Volunteer Center (order No. 737 of 07/11/2018) was created to help people with special educational needs.
  4. Agreement on joint activities with the Regional State Public Institution “Altai Regional Special Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired” regarding the provision of services for the use of textbooks, teaching aids and didactic materials (large print, audio files).
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