Curator of Academic Group

In order to ensure the unity of training and education of students, to increase the efficiency of the educational process, to increase the influence of the faculty on the formation of the personality of future specialists, a teacher-curator is attached to each first-year student group. The work of the curator is an integral part of the educational process.

The work of the curator includes the following areas of education:

  • the formation of students' self-awareness, value attitude to life, the need for its design;
  • fostering respect for the law, the norms of collective life, the development of civil and social responsibility as the most important personality traits;
  • the identification and development of natural inclinations and creative potential of each student, their implementation in various spheres of human activity and communication;
  • the introduction of students to the system of cultural values, reflecting the richness of the culture of their people, the universal culture; formation of the need for high cultural and spiritual values ​​and for their further enrichment;
  • the formation of human qualities related to the norms of humanistic morality (kindness, mutual understanding, mercy, tolerance towards people, etc.); instilling a culture of communication; education of intelligence;
  • fostering a positive attitude towards work as a life value; fostering enterprise and efficiency, honesty and responsibility in business relations;
  • nurturing and developing the need for a healthy lifestyle; development of the ability to be a good family man;
  • development of inner freedom, ability for objective self-assessment and self-regulation in behavior; development of self-esteem, readiness and ability to reflect.

The curator ensures the participation of students in extracurricular activities of the group – in the events held by the faculty, the university, directs its activities to form a cohesive student team in the group, creates an atmosphere of goodwill, mutual assistance, mutual responsibility, an atmosphere of creativity, enthusiasm, social activity. In working with students, the curator pays special attention to the adaptation of students to the conditions of university education, to assisting them in mastering the culture of mental labor, the methods of independent work.

The activity of the student group curator is carried out on the basis of the Regulations.

Print version Modified 26.12.2018