Promotion of healthy lifestyle

Measures for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle (including special promotion work) are included in the general university approved educational plan. More than 30 general university and faculty events are held annually. At ASU, the Rector’s Order approved the Drug Abuse Prevention Program for 2015-2020. (№490/p of 07.04.2015). In 2018, within the framework of the Program, educational events for first-year students were organized in the student environment, more than 30 faculty events were held (round tables, curatorial hours, sociological surveys, thematic conversations with the participation of invited experts). Students participated in the city social video contest aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, which resulted in the University team reaching the final. The students of the Law Institute took part in joint raids with the Directorate of Internal Affairs in the Altai Territory to paint over inscriptions offering the purchase of narcotic drugs.

In May and December 2018, ASU took an active part in the All-Russian action dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of AIDS Victims, held in Barnaul by means of the Volunteer Center of ASU, and took part in the All-Russian Online Forum held on the basis of RUDN.

Recommendations for organizing preventive work, such as: “Guidelines for students”, “On responsibility for the use and control of drugs”, “Guidelines for the prevention of suicidal behavior of students”, “Guidelines for preventive measures”, “HIV Prevention”, etc. are posted on the ASU website’s “Curator of Academic Group” page (

The student government of ASU takes an active part in preventive work. Thus, in 2018, the League of Students became the owner of a grant from the Governor of the Altai Territory for the implementation of the project “Cyber Squad 22”, during which students conducted classes for schoolchildren in the region, including on the topic of suppressing the distribution of narcotic drugs online. In addition, in the autumn of 2018, the League of Students launched a social project “Fly high with the League of Students” on social networks (Vkontakte and Instagram), during which students write posts and make photos about physical training in real time.

In 2018, the Volunteer Center of the ASU organized the donor campaign “Your drop of blood may save someone’s life” twice and together with the Youth Parliament of Barnaul held a contest for student groups of Altai Krai “The best donor group”, and also organized the Days of Healthy Students, during which the traditional campaigns "Cigarette for candy" and "Exercising with a star" took place.

During the entire academic year, medical examinations of students, fluorography examination, compulsory and voluntary immunization (against influenza, tick-borne encephalitis, rubella, hepatitis) are carried out. In the framework of sanitary-educational work, the staff of the health center conducts discussions on healthy lifestyles, lectures on viral hepatitis, on the dangers of smoking, drinking alcohol, and on the prevention of influenza.

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