Procedure for the provision of housing, settlement and eviction

The procedure for providing rooms in hostels of ASU

The distribution of places in the campus dormitories between faculties and the order of settlement in the campus dormitories (including the approval of the list of students in the campus dormitories) are determined by the educational divisions of the AltGU and are announced by the order of the rector.

The priority right of settlement, including free, use the categories of students defined in paragraph 4 of Art. 39 of the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation": orphans, disabled people of groups I and II, disabled children, etc.

The winners of the subject Olympiads of the regional level and above are given places in the priority order.

In addition, first-priority students of the first-year enrollment, first-year magistracy and foreign students are settled as a matter of priority.

The decision to provide a dormitory for family students is made by the training unit separately.

The decision on the resettlement of graduate students, researchers and promising young scientists is made on the basis of the petition of the head of the scientific department.

The order of settlement in the hostel

The settlement of students is made on the basis of the order of the Rector of the AltSU on the settlement, formed by the training unit on the basis of personal statements of students.

A tenancy agreement with a student in need of a dormitory is concluded on the basis of an order of settlement. Contracts for renting residential premises are drawn up in two copies, one copy is kept by the resident, the other is in the administration of the campus of ASU.

The accommodation in the hostel is made by the head of the hostel on the basis of the order of the settlement, the tenancy agreement, passport, military ID (registration certificate) and certificate of the state of health of the accommodation.

When settling in the campus dormitories, students should be familiarized with the Rules for living in the dormitory, the Regulations on the campus and receive appropriate instructions on safety measures when using electrical appliances, familiarize themselves with the established procedure for using personal electrical appliances and the procedure for vacating places in the hostel. Instructing is conducted by the head of the hostel.

The amount of payment for accommodation in the campus dormitory is established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation by the relevant order of the Rector of ASU.

The fee for accommodation in campus hostels is charged to students for the duration of their stay.

In case of termination of a tenancy agreement, the resident of a three-day period is obliged to vacate his place in the dormitory, having handed over to the head of the dormitory on a bypass list this place in its pure form and all the resulting inventory in good condition.

How to check in to the hostel

  1. Notify the head of your academic department and the Deputy Dean for BP of your intention to move into a dormitory and check if your educational department has free places at the moment.
  2. Write a statement about the settlement (see the Documents section). Agree on the application to the dean's office and, as directed by the dean's office, in the dormitory and in the accounting department. Provide a signed statement at 215 "M" (campus) for placing your data in a database of residents living in dormitories.
  3. Submit your application to the dean of the order of settlement. Get the package of documents required for registration of settlement. Check and make sure that the order has a print of the training unit.
  4. Pass the physical, put the appropriate stamp on the back of the order.
  5. If you are a foreign citizen, submit documents to the UMD (room 400 "M"), make sure that the appropriate stamp is printed on the order.
  6. Pay for accommodation at the box office of AltGU for the entire stay. In case you intend to pay for accommodation in parts (for good reason), issue the appropriate application in the dean's office of your educational unit.
  7. Bring to the campus (215 "M") the documents in the following composition: a warrant for the settlement (with the corresponding seals), an agreement on the lease of residential premises (2 pcs.), A receipt of payment, an application for permission to pay for accommodation in parts, agreed with the dean's office.
  8. Leave the contracts for verification and signing. Get a warrant for the settlement in the hostel.
  9. Provide a warrant to the head of your hostel for the settlement.
  10. If you need to receive a copy of the contract in person or in its hands, contact its 215 "M".

Eviction from the hostel before the expiration of the tenancy agreement:

  1. Notify the PSS hostel of your school unit about the need to move out of the hostel.
  2. Write a statement about the termination of the contract of employment (the form see the section Documents).
  3. Hand over soft inventory and bedding. Notify the watch or hostel manager that your room is ready to be checked. After the hostel employee checks your room and takes it from you, hand it over the keys. Put a stamp stating that the room was rented, on the application for termination of the lease agreement.
  4. Submit an application to the office. 606 (accounting) for the print of the absence of debt. If necessary, get an application for a refund of previously paid accommodation (form in room 606).
  5. Sign the application, which already has two seals, on campus (215 "M").
  6. Submit the signed application to the dean's office for execution of the order for termination of the employment contract.
Important! In case you did not give up the room and did not issue a termination of the contract of employment by order, you will be charged for accommodation in the hostel. Payment for accommodation ends on the day of the date the order to terminate the contract of employment.
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