Scientists from Russia, Greece, Germany and Kazakhstan discussed cooperation in water management

15 February 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
On 13 February 2017 the Faculty of Geography of Altai State University hosted the opening of International Seminar “Institutional Partnership for the Purpose of Sustainable Cross-Border Water Use: Russia and Kazakhstan”.

The seminar was held in the framework of the cognominal project under the Erasmus+ Programme established by European Union. It was reviewed and selected by European Commission and has become one of the 13 projects with the participation of Russia.

According to the seminar organizers, the project participants are going to effect international cooperation aimed at strengthening of interaction between universities, organizations and social institutions of Western Siberia, Altai and Kazakhstan in order to preserve invaluable water resources – clean water of Ob and Irtysh rivers with the catchment area of 2,972,000 sq. km. Development of cross-border cooperation in the area of water management takes on particular significance under the conditions of high man-induced impact on nature (active mining development, expansion of agriculture, industrial growth, etc.). These issues were discussed at Altai State University in the course of the international seminar.

The seminar participants included over 20 people from four countries of the world: Russia, Greece, Germany and Kazakhstan. The seminar was also attended by the project coordinators: representatives of Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg (Freiburg, Germany) Professor Ralf Reski and Professor Edgar Wagner; Director of Regional Institute for International Cooperation under Tyumen State University, Doctor of Philosophy Galina V. Telegina; Head of Department of Natural Management and Environmental Geoscience at the Faculty of Geography under Altai State University, Doctor of Geography, Professor Gennady Ya. Baryshnikov.

It is to be noted that other events are planned to be held, as the seminar will last until 17 February. Scientists are going to discuss the preliminary results of the project, carry out a number of coordination meetings, bring up the issue of academic mobility and establish an Internet platform for storage of collected material and report documentation.

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