ASU congratulates students and lecturers on the beginning of new academic year

2 September 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications

Dear lecturers, students and staff of flagship Altai State University!

Today, 3904 first-year students from Russia and other twenty countries will start studying at Altai State University. In 2019, our applicants’ average Uniform State Exam score has significantly increased and reached 73.9 points.

In 2019, our university and its branches in the cities of Altai Krai successfully passed state accreditation. This once again confirmed the high standards of educational activity, for which Altai State University has been famous for 46 years. Today degree received at ASU is a solid foundation for a successful career in various areas of our lives: state and municipal services, business, manufacturing sector, fundamental and applied science, international relations, art and culture.

Turning to students and postgraduates, I want to wish you irrepressible thirst for new knowledge. Youth and studentship are the happiest, but at the same time, the most responsible periods of life that you should spend with benefit. Learn, develop, dare, dream, experiment! Do it with an open heart. The future is yours, and it depends on you!

Once again, I congratulate lecturers, students and graduates of Altai State University on the Day of Knowledge! I wish you success in all your endeavors, inspiration in work and study, prosperity and wealth in your everyday life!

Sergey N. Bocharov, Rector of Altai State University

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