• Your Future Starts Here The Altai State University is the only higher education institution of the Altai territory,
    which became a part of University of the Shanghai cooperation organization.
    It allows our students to gain the diploma of two, and later — of three higher education institutions.
  • Be Educated. Be Independent For the period of studying students can use comfortable hostel (cost about 1000 rubles (35 USD) per month),
    services of library, a gym, student's policlinic.
  • Investments into Career ASU invites students from any country of the world.
    For those who wants to study in ASU, but knows Russian insufficiently, special courses of Russian as foreign language are offered.
  • Perfect Place to Start The University possesses significant research and staff potential. More than 1000 teaching staff members collaborate here,
    including over 100 doctors of sciences and 500 PhD specialists.
    More than 18000 students are enrolled into academic studies on the 16 University schools.


January 20

category: scientific life
Altai State University scientists have acquired the right to an open presentation of their project in Washington (USA).

December 25, 2014

category: scientific life
Photo report about the trip.

December 9, 2014

category: new on site
ASU graduate of the Law Faculty, the winner of all the official starts of summer, hurdler Sergey Shubenkov was named the strongest athlete of Russia in 2014.

December 1, 2014

category: new on site
Students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Philology and Politology presented their project.

October 29, 2014

category: scientific life
ASU students have opportunity to study Chinese language in China. Upon completion of the training, participants can apply for admission to the Master's degree at the Northeastern University (Shenyang, China).

May 22, 2014

category: scientific life
At the exhibition in Geneva the Altai State University researchers presented the project "Selective purification method of detonation nanodiamond".