ASU geographers’ adventures during summer training

16 August 2017 Faculty of Geography

One of the most interesting parts of educational process at Altai State University is summer practice. This is time when students can reduce theory to practice, a season for adventures and discoveries. A little, but important adventure occurred to the future geographers that study at Altai State University.

Supervisor of summer practice, senior lecturer at the Department of Economic Geography and Cartography, Vice Dean for Educational and Extracurricular Work at the Faculty of Geography Yelena V. Mardasova shared the story about students’ summer adventures.

This time the second-year students, future experts in the field of recreational geography and tourism, took training in Kosh-Agachsky District of Altai Republic in mountain-glacier basin of Akturu River from 19 June to 2 July. They carried out complete assessment of recreational potential for this place.

Being real researchers, students managed to visit mountain-and-valley complex of North-Chuya Ridge. And, as real researchers, they studied tourist infrastructure and analyzed recreational potential for that territory. Moreover, they estimated recreational load, studied mountain relief forms and flora of mountain-glacier Akturu River basin.

The most important requirements for future professional “tourists” are the skills of getting geographical bearings, setting a camp, preparing food under field conditions, mountaineering, and so on. The students acquired the wisdom, but the most important thing, according to summer training supervisor, was that they applied their geographical knowledge in reality.

“Summer practice was held under the conditions of favorable weather, friendship and mutual understanding. Our second-year students can now safely say that they are true geographers!” Yelena V. Mardasova said. “Field practice usually leaves only vivid and emotional impression: beautiful mountains, sparking glaciers, bright blue sky, aromatic alpine meadows, and sound of mountain stream! Akturu, we will definitely come back!”

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