Students Life

The University offers a wide variety of interests for students to join or attend and realize their creative potential.
The extra-curricular work in the University is coordinated by the Department of the Educational and Extracurricular Activities.

Our students can realize their leading potential and offer themselves as monitors of students groups, organizers of sports or cultural events. They can initiate sports, cultural and work activities of groups, and holidays celebrations. So they can join Students League, a social organization of the Altai State University students.

The Department of Educational and Extracurricular activities gives the opportunities to share ideas about organizing leisure time and to join interests groups. It is open to suggestions and comments of our students, and serves to discover new talents.

The University student club Legion organizes amateur performances, where all volunteers can realize their creative potential and skills. It also provides information about concerts, competitions and festivals held at the university and in the city.

Students who are good at drawing, writing (poetry, prose, informational and entertaining articles), doing graphics and photography can always realize their potential in a number of clubs available at the university. There is a club of poetry and bards called Strings of the Heart. An annual competition Poetic Debut is held every year. A photo contest is held for students fond of photography. Students can also try themselves in the university newspaper For Science and take part in publishing of photomontages and wall newspapers.

Our students can take part in sports events organized by the sports club University. It offers a wide variety of sections. Students can also initiate a new specific section.

Sports club University brings together faculty, staff and students of the Altai State University. The sports club deals with social issues such as health improvement of the faculty, staff and students of the university. It serves to increase social activity and promote healthy lifestyles.


The work of the SC University is directed by Buravlev Sergey.
Chief Judge of Sports contest Fit and Health - Associate Professor of Physical Education Milhin Valery Andreevich..
Students Sports Contests Organizer - Moroz Anna, SC Instructor.
Head of Press Office of SC - Krasnogortseva Natalia, a student of Public Relations Department.

Sport Club activities

  • Organization of student sports contests and sports days Fit and Health
  • Sports sections
  • Organization of combined teams of the university for participation in the city, regional, all-Russian competitions.

23 sport sections are available at the sport club which meet a wide variety of interests. About 600 people are regularly engaged in its activities.

  • Aerobics - Galina Denisova, assistant professor of physical education; Gotovchikova Larissa Vitalievna, MS USSR senior teacher of Physical Education Department
  • Basketball (m) - Maistrenko Igor Vladimirovich
  • Basketball (f) - Sankova Irina, senior teacher of Physical Education Department
  • Volleyball (f) - Buravlev Sergei Nikolaevich
  • Volleyball (m) - Ivan Voronkov Filippovich, assistant professor of physical education
  • Volleyball (faculties) - Dugnist Peter Y., Associate Professor of Physical Education
  • Polyathlon, swimming, weight-lifting - Gotovchikov Paul D., senior teacher of Physical Education Department
  • Judo, Sambo - Chebanov Stanislav, Russia MS, a student of the Faculty of Law
  • Cross-country skiing - Agishev Alexander Anatoljevich.
  • Track and field athletics - Vladimirtsev Vladimir, associate professor of physical education
  • Table Tennis - Mkartchyan Marlene, Master of Faculty of Economics
  • Football - Milhin Valery A., Associate Professor of Physical Education
  • Chess - Vitaly V. Rusanov, Lecturer of the Faculty of Law
  • Fencing - Bogdanka Igor, MS of Russia
  • Basketball (faculties) - Golovin, Sergei Mikhailovich
  • Extreme sports - Stanislav Avdeev, Belyaev Ivan, students of the Faculty of Economics

There is also a tourist club Hyperborean

On all matters relating to your desire to participate in scientific activities, feel free to contact the dean or department heads, the FNL (Science Student Society) - in many departments have clubs that are part of the university scientific community, and if you have to faculty of the collection there - go ahead, all at your fingertips.

Tremendous scope for self-provided League of Students of ASU. This Altai Krai youth organization. On "Cooperation Agreement" between ASU and the League, she is the representative representing the interests of all University students.

Combining a huge number of different functions, the League remains a vibrant and democratic organization. With any proposal, or request a project safely go there. Starting from the activities of scientific and ending with the holidays, go for it and the League can help you!

For several years the University held a competition among students and student groups. The basis of competition is competition between students in teaching, research, employment, cultural and social activities. The higher your performance in each of these areas, the greater your chances of becoming the best. By the end of each school year the best student and best group of university administration encouraged the university. So earn rating points you can start right now!

But be careful: all this is possible, if you deal with the main task - studying. Active community activities does not excuse absences, tails, and any other learning problems.

Altay Regional Youth Public Organization League of the Altai State University Students

League of the Altai State University Students is a regional youth organization in existence since 1996. Over the years it has become one of the most numerous student organizations in the Altai region and brings together more than six and a half thousand students of the university.

It seeks to maintain democracy and express students interests and needs. The League deals with a number of various issues such as social protection of students, sports, research, recreation, health, cultural and recreational activities, etc. Each activity is supervised by a representative of the League.

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