Results of the recent research by Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center were presented at ASU

21 September 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
On 15 September 2017 international seminar of Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center on molecular methods of diagnostic and therapy of human diseases took place at Altai State University.

The leading speakers included Chief Physician of Altai Regional Oncologic Dispensary, Honoured Doctor of Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Oncology of Altai State Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alexander F. Lazarev; Director of Altai Regional Pulmonology Center, Honoured Science Worker of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Sciences corresponding member, Professor Yakov N. Shoyhet; famous American scientist, specialist in early immune diagnostic and prevention of cancer, immune oncologist from Arizona State University (USA), Professor Stephen Johnston.

While opening the seminar, Rector of Altai State University Sergey V. Zemlyukov touched upon the history of Anti-Cancer Center creation. He also noted that elaboration of immunosignature technology for the purpose of early cancer detection, which is the primary activity of Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center, has far-reaching opportunities.

“Early diagnostic of oncologic diseases is a broad and multifaceted subject. A lot of world’s research teams work in this area and each of them tries their own methods. However, we see that our scientists’ research results in their work with immunosignature are very promising. Everything we do has great social significance. I hope that we will continue strengthening our academic ties,” Rector of ASU Sergey V. Zemlyukov emphasized.

Professor Johnston presented new, unexpected results of immunosignature research, which would be interesting and useful for further work of Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center.

“One of the most amazing things we have achieved is early diagnostic of breast cancer with the help of a blood spot. We have obtained unique results, because nobody had employed that method before us. Today we have presented the results of our research for the first time. Our near-term plans are to continue studying breast cancer together with Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center. In future we will proceed to lung cancer research. These are the two most widespread oncologic diseases in the world, and I am sure that we will be able to achieve significant results in this area,” Professor Stephen Johnston noted.

In the course of the seminar the attendees listened to reports on the following topics: “Methods for Molecular Analysis of Human Diseases”, “Innovative Approaches towards Therapy of Human Diseases”, “Molecular Biomarkers”, “Prospects for Immune Oncology”, “Assessment of Risk Factors in Cancer Development”, etc.

It remains to be added that the conference will be organized by Altai State University, Altai Branch of N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, Altai State Medical University, and Arizona State University.

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