Priority Research Areas of the Altai State University:

  • Innovative Biomedical Technologies;
  • Applied Biotechnology;
  • Basic and applied research in the field of physics and mathematical modeling of natural, technological and socio-economic processes and phenomena;
  • Nanosystems and development of technologies for the creation of new materials with stated properties;
  • Study and conservation of biodiversity, development and application of molecular-genetic and biotechnological methods in the Life Sciences;
  • IT-technology and computer technology in control systems, control and safety;
  • The historical experience of frontiering of Siberia, the assessment of the region's geopolitical role in the development of Russia and the modeling of interaction with Asian countries;
  • Innovative development of economy and social sphere of Siberia;
  • The methodology and applied research in the humanities knowledge;
  • Humanitarization of pedagogical process in the modernization of education;
  • Cultural heritage of Siberia and adjacent territories in art history, museology and artistic design;
  • Socio-psychological and psycho-physiological risk factors for the health and safety of human life;
  • The methodology and the main directions of the study of the life and social potential of the population of Siberia in the beginning of the XXI century;
  • Geoecological environmental monitoring, assessment of natural resource potential and the development of strategies for environmental management for sustainable development of the regions of Siberia and adjacent territories.

Video about the priority research areas of the Altai State University (in English)

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