Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center

Director: Shapoval Andrey Ivanovich, PhD, Research Associate of Arizona State University

Contact information:;; business phone: +7 (3852) 298-112

The Mission of Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center is to create diagnostic platform based on genomic and proteomic technologies.

Using advances in proteomics, molecular biology and computer science, we plan to create comprehensive database of clinical information associated serum biomarkers (antibodies) analysis. This database will help to understand the mechanisms of diseases development and create methods to diagnose conditions such as early-stage of cancer, pancreatic diseases, pulmonary manifestations of collagenosis and others. It will also
help clinicians in selecting the most effective, personalized therapy.

Our goal is accumulation, analysis and use the information to improve diagnosis and patients treatment.

Our tasks:

  • Establishment of a reference database;
  • The development of diagnostic tests based on the database;
  • Provide researchers and doctors access to the database;
  • Support and implementation of clinical trials;
  • Collection and storage of biospecimens.

Currently in Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center:

  1. Laboratory for microchips processing is fully equipped;
  2. A working group of biologists, bioinformatics and clinicians is established;
  3. The infrastructure for clinical samples collection and storage is organized;
  4. Questionnaire for healthy donors and cancer patients is designed;
  5. Work with an existing database of cancer patients is initiated;
  6. Organized a group of psychologists to work with patients and physicians in Cancer Center.
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