Students from ASU underwent internship at law firm in Cyprus

7 October 2017 Faculty of Law
Students from the Faculty of Law Igor Vasilyev and Eugenia Frolova won a grant of C.D. Messios LLC, a law firm situated in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The grant allowed the talented students to live on a picturesque island for a month (from 20 July to 20 August 2017) while undergoing internship. Several rounds of competition were held for students from all over the world. The main selection criteria were personal achievements and good command of the English language.

Igor and Eugenia spent a month at a head office of the firm, which works with different holding companies and resolves trans-border disputes. The firm specializes in business law practice. Clients are provided with consultations on all aspects of their commercial activity, including merges, acquisitions, asset sale, formation and administration of legal entities, project financing, reorganization, all kinds of business transactions, taxes, and other controversial issues. The firm also renders a wide range of financial and regulative services along with services in personal tax planning and trust management of property. These are the things that every Faculty of Law student may encounter in their career.

In the course of internship Igor and Eugenia carried out various activities: assisted lawyers and specialists of the firm in their work, prepared documents, worked with IziDocs database, attended court sessions. As a result, they got acquainted with a completely different legal framework. They acquired invaluable knowledge and established contacts that would be useful to the future lawyers. The students did their best during their internship. They demonstrated their professional skills and received reference letters.

Besides working for a law firm, internship program included excursions to the most beautiful places in Cyprus. The students visited the coast of Mediterranean Sea; Petra tou Romiou rock, Aphrodite’s legendary birthplace; Troodos Mountains; ancient city of Paphos, which is known not only for its thousand-year history, but also for becoming a cultural capital of Europe in 2017.

You get unbelievably many impressions, if you are not afraid of new opportunities! Igor Vasilyev and Eugenia Frolova express their gratitude to C.D. Messios LLC for the provided opportunity and to the Faculty of Law of Altai State University for the perfect knowledge.

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