Institute of Law

Director Evgeny S. Anichkin
Director's Office 656049, Russia, Barnaul, pr. Sotsialisticheskiy 68, Room 105
Tel +7 (3852) 296-532

The Faculty of Law was founded in 1963 as a part of Tomsk State University. Then, in 1973 it became one of the base ASU faculties. It has been developing and growing with the university.

The main reasons for applying to the Faculty of Law are as follows:

  • The teaching process is held by experienced and qualified lecturers.
  • On the 3rd year students choose their specialization: state legal relations, civil relations or criminal law. It does not set any barriers in terms of choosing profession. On the contrary, it helps become a great specialist in the particular area. The majority of students become high-grade lawyers, attorneys, crime investigators, notary officers, legal experts, etc.
  • Besides becoming good practicioners, students can also become excellent scientists. Many students start conducting their research science while studying. They take part in conferences, prepare academic papers. The best students participate in annual summer law school. There is an opportunity of applying for postgraduate programs.

The Institute of Law offers the following programs

All educational programs are generally held in Russian. To enroll in any educational program the applicant must have B1–B2 level of Russian or take 1 year course of Russian language at the Altai State University Preparatory Department.

Faculty structure


  • Department of Civil Law;
  • Department of Constitutional and International Law;
  • Department of Theory and History of State and Law;
  • Department of Labor, Environmental Law and Civil Procedure;
  • Department of Criminal Law and Criminology;
  • Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics.

Other structural subdivisions:

  • Classroom of Codification with Library Fund;
  • Classroom of Multiplying Equipment;
  • Laboratory of Criminal Investigation Techniques;
  • Laboratory of Forensic Photography and Videography;
  • Laboratory of Investigation Tactics and Methods;
  • Testing Area;
  • Three computer classrooms;
  • Center for Qualification Improvement;
  • Legal Consulting Center (Themis Legal Clinic).
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