Altai State University organized the first school "Chinese language for beginners" for students

27 июня 2020 Institute of History and International Relations
During the summer holidays of the 2019–2020 academic year, the first vacation profile school “Chinese for beginners!” for students of the 10th grade, was organized by the Institute of History and International Relations.

The goal is to form a modern scientific worldview and develop culture and interethnic relations.

The program of the educational course includes the following areas:

- calligraphy workshops, where participants get acquainted with the basics of the Chinese language, the correct spelling of hieroglyphs and interesting features of speech;

- games and quizzes to familiarize students with Chinese culture and traditions, everyday life and holidays, the modern education system in China and the relationships between Russian and Chinese schoolchildren and students.

First, the participants watched a video lecture “Fundamentals of the Chinese language: from theory to practice”, learning to distinguish tones in pronunciation and count to 10, indicating each digit with a specific gesture. Then, during the video practice, “Secrets of the Chinese character” they mastered the evolution of hieroglyphs, especially the meanings, pronunciation and style (keys and graphemes). For example, the hieroglyph meaning “good” consists of graphemes “woman” and “child”, etc. Having mastered the rules of writing, everyone was able to try themselves in calligraphy.

The second day began with a video lecture entitled “Culture of the Celestial Culture”, during which the participants got acquainted with Chinese culture and traditions, everyday life and holidays, religion, traditional dress, dishes and architecture. Each lesson ended with animated films of particular interest to students. The students were asked to check the acquired knowledge through the final quiz.

The organizers note that the AltSU online school for learning the Chinese language has several advantages:

- new knowledge while playing for 2 hours a day;

- assignments from experienced teachers and students of the institute;

- free participation.

The organizers and students of the direction “Foreign regional studies” express their hope that the classes helped the participants to get new knowledge, which will be helpful when making a choice about a future profession.

At the end of the educational course, each participant received a certificate. The youngest participant was a 3rd-grade student of “Grammar School No. 22”, who has been studying the Chinese language on her own for a year now.

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