ASU young scientists’ research received grant financing from the Russian President

10 January 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications

Council for Grants of the President of the Russian Federation reported on the results of competitions among young Russian scientists for the right to receive grant financing from the President of the Russian Federation in 2018–2019.
The list of winners of the 2018 contest on state support for young Russian scientists included four representatives of Altai State University.

"Altai State University annually takes part in competitions for the right to receive grants from the President of the Russian Federation. In 2017 a great number of ASU scientists submitted their applications, and four of them got the victory. They will be receiving Presidential support for two years. The amount of annual financing will be equal to 600,000 rubles," Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovative Development of Altai State University Evgeny Popov said.

The following projects by young scientists of Altai State University will receive Presidential grants in 2018–2019:

  • "Psychological and Legal Factors in the Assessment of Dangerous (Aggressive) Driving in the Context of the Legislation on Administrative Violations" by Assistant Professor of the Department of Labor, Environmental Law and Civil Procedure, Candidate of Law Ksenia Kovalenko;
  • "Altai in the Era of the Great Migration of Peoples and Early Middle Ages: Complex Historical and Archaeological Survey" by Candidate of History, Leading Researcher at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Studies of Archeology of Western Siberia and Altai Nikolai Seregin;
  • "Formation of Mechanisms for  Voluntary Regulation of the Orientative Part of Joint Activity in the Early Stages of Ontogenesis" by Assistant Professor of the Department of General and Applied Psychology, Candidate of Psychology Yana Smirnova;
  • "The Status of Religious Communities in Western Siberia in the System of State-Confessional Relations in the Second Half of the XIX–XX Centuries" by Assistant Professor of the Department of Political History, National and Religious Relations, Candidate of History Elena Shershneva.

All projects of the young scientists from Altai State University were presented in the Social and Human Sciences nomination.

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