Center for Regional Technological Development

In order to solve the problems of integrating intellectual property with the real sector of the regional economy, purposefully shaping the corporate culture of innovation, the Center for the Development of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management has been created in the regional business community. A systematic approach to the management of the OIS was implemented, regular monitoring of markets and enterprises - potential consumers and customers of the RID was carried out, resources of innovation development institutions were used: the Innovation Support Fund, the Advanced Research Fund, the OIP portfolio was formed in accordance with the NTI directions.

The Center creates and submits projects to federal and regional development institutions, including projects focused on promising STI markets, primarily HealthNet, FoodNet and SafeNet; projects - in priority areas of the Advanced Research Fund in the interests of the military-industrial complex of Russia; projects in the interests of the development of the fuel and energy complex of the country, submitted to the Ministry of Energy of Russia, as well as applications from small innovative enterprises are being prepared for the regional competition “NTI Projects”; applications for state registration of intellectual property. 

The formation of professional competences in the field of technological entrepreneurship is ensured through the inclusion of an interdisciplinary module on technological entrepreneurship in 5% of educational programs of undergraduate and graduate programs.

The content of the module in the structure of the OPOP is a logically constructed and implemented stages of the project life cycle (think – develop – introduce – operate).

Implementation of programs in the field of technological entrepreneurship is carried out in close cooperation with enterprises of the real sector of the economy, supporting ongoing projects by interaction in the technological sphere, acting as customers or suppliers for business entities.

In the context of NTI platforms such programs are:

  • FoodNet - programs in the direction of 06.03.01 Biology;
  • SafeNet - programs in the following directions: 01.03.02 Applied mathematics and computer science, 02.03.01 Mathematics and computer science, 09.04.03 Applied informatics;
  • HealthNet: 03.04.01 Chemistry, 03.19.01 Biotechnology;
  • NeuroNet 09.03.01 Computer science and computing.

In order to search and promote projects aimed at solving the problems of the socio-economic development of the region and the country in the format of the National Technology Initiative, a Club of Crazy Ideas was created, a student production and technology center FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory).

The FabLab center has several types of metalworking and woodworking machines, 3D printers, scanners and other equipment. Students and schoolchildren have the opportunity to implement their projects on high-tech equipment, bring them to a prototype in the field of robotics, mechatronics and robotic systems, experimental physics.

In order to increase the efficiency of using the innovation infrastructure, the University is creating centers for collective use. On the basis of the university, research laboratories and centers work together with the institutes of the SB RAS.

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