Master's Degree Programs

Choosing your Master’s Degree Program you choose to become a unique specialist with a great number of professional skills.

Applicants must have a Bachelor Degree to apply for Master’s Degree Program, but it should not necessarily be of the same speciality. You can choose any faculty and any program. Education can easily be combined with work and academic research.

Master’s Degree Program lasts for 2 years.

Master’s Degree Programs:


Master’s Degree Program


Historical research in terms of contemporary scientific knowledge

International Relations

International Cooperation (economic, political, law and cultural aspects)

Topical issues of international relations

Foreign Regional Studies

Topical issues of political, social and economic development of the region (China)

Topical issues of political, social and economic development of Central Asian countries

Records Management and Archivistics

Document systems and archives in a regional management system

Museology and Cultural Objects and Natural Heritage Preservation

Historical and cultural heritage: study, preservation and usage

Russian Regional Studies

Russia as part of Eurasia: history and modern times

Regional management, intercultural communication and international cooperation of Russia


Trade policy

International economy

Asian market economy

Economic and social policy

Accounting, auditing and analysis


Innovative management

Tax management

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance

Personnel Management

Personnel management in a commercial organization

State and Regional Management

State and regional management


Commercial activity in the commodities and services market

Applied Informatics

Applied informatics in financial management

Information technologies in management of social and economic processes


Constitutional and municipal law

Criminal law, criminology, penal law

Criminal process, forensics, investigative activities theory

Theory and history of law and state, history of legal doctrines

Civil law, law of domestic relations, private international law

Labour law, social security law

Legal groundwork for Eurasian economic integration

Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Mathematical and computer modeling

Information technologies in education

Information security of educational networks

Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Computer software

Mathematic methods and information technologies in ecology and environmental management


Physics of nano systems

Physical methods and information technologies in medicine


Electromagnetic waves in the environment

Information Security

Information security of automation systems

Informatics and Computers

Microprocessor systems


Analytical chemistry

Organic chemistry

Physical chemistry

Nanoengineering of functional and biomimetic materials

Modern problems of chemistry education

Technosphere safety

Complex safety, human safety and resource conservation as parts of life safety



Vertebrata zoology

Biochemistry and molecular biology


Industrial microbiology

Physical and chemical biology and biotechnology

Clinical biochemistry and physiology

Human and animal physiology

Information technologies in biological education

Ecology and Environmental Management

General ecology

Agroecology and rational environmental management

Environmental management


Theory and practice of speech communication

Russian literature

Language in terms of polyculture

Philological basics of translation

Linguistic integration of Eurasian cultural resources


Theory and methodology of journalistic work


Social philosophy

Political Science

Political management and PR

Religious Studies

State and confessional policy and ethno-religious processes


Information technologies in study and management of natural and anthropogenic systems

Landscape planning and design

Geographical basics of stable recreational and touristic development

Area planning

Country studies and international tourism


Modern methods and technologies of service in social and cultural area


Tourism and tourism markets: global, national, regional

Tourism: design and management of touristic and recreational systems


Sociology of law

Sociology of management

Sociology and ethics of business

Social Work

Organization and management in social work

Innovative technologies of population social security


Psychology of personality

Psychology of health

Psychological, medical and biological basics of human safety

History of Arts

History of Russian arts (history of architecture, visual art, applied and decorative art)

Professional education

Applied and decorative art and design

Textile and Costume Art

Costume artistic design

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