Improving Public's Financial Awareness

Altai State University is actively involved in the implementation of programs to improve the financial awareness and financial literacy of the population of all age categories in Altai Krai. Assistant Professors at the Department of Finance are the coordinators of the following federal centers for financial literacy and carry out the following activities:

  • Svetlana V. Lepeshkina is a coordinator of the Federal Network Methodological Center (Moscow State University) in Altai Krai that implements financial literacy programs at the universities of Altai Krai. The Center has already helped to train 76 university lecturers (including the ones from the universities of Barnaul, Rubtsovsk, Biysk, Belokurikha) since the foundation. The main activity of the center is the introduction of disciplines and elements of financial literacy into economic disciplines for students majoring in non-economic areas of study, as well as educational activities on financial literacy among students. At present, the additional course on Personal Finance has been introduced into the educational process (for the 2nd semester of the educational program 09.03.03 “Applied Informatics”), as well as elements of financial literacy in such disciplines as Economics and Microeconomics. One of the elements of financial literacy is entrepreneurship, so the university implements such disciplines as Social Entrepreneurship and Technological Entrepreneurship. Excursions to financial organizations, meetings with representatives of financial authorities (including the discussions on issues of financial investment), as well as cultural and educational events (SMART Finance Financial Literacy Festival for schoolchildren and college students), scientific events are regularly held for students (section on financial literacy is annually organized in April as part of Science Days). In 2019, more than 1,000 students from universities of Altai Krai took part in the events organized by the Center.
  • Natalia O. Derkach heads the Regional Consulting and Methodological Center, which carries out activities to educate the adult population of Altai Krai. The Center has trained more than 300 financial literacy consultants from various public, social and specialized non-profit organizations. About 300 events are held annually in the region. A lot of consultants of the Center are lecturers at Altai State University. The most actively involved lecturers are S.V. Lepeshkina, N.O. Derkach, A.A. Chernykh, V.V. Privalov, V.V. Vorobeva, O.V. Titova, O.A. Mishchenko.

The activities of the centers are carried out in coordination with Tatyana N. Yarysheva, coordinator of work on the implementation of the Financial Literacy Improvement Program in Altai Krai.

Print version Modified 9.12.2019