Environmental education

Environmental education in Altai State University is represented by undergraduate and graduate programs in three areas of training:

  • 05.03.02 Geography
  • 05.03.06 Ecology and environmental management
  • 06.03.01 Biology
In total, within the framework of environmental education, the university implements 14 educational programs for which more than 200 students study. In accordance with the priorities of the development of the Altai Territory, the university has developed and implemented educational programs of the magistracy aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of the regional socio-economic system. Among these programs are the following master programs:
  • 05.04.02 Geography, “Monitoring and Environmental Planning” program;
  • 05.04.02 Geography, "Information technologies in the study and management of natural and man-made systems” program;
  • 05.04.02 Geography, "Geographical bases of sustainable development of recreational areas and tourism" program;
  • 05.04.06 Ecology and environmental management, "Agroecology and environmental management" program;
  • 05.04.06 Ecology and environmental management, "Environmental Management" program;
  • 05.04.06 Ecology and environmental management, "General Ecology" program;
  • 06.04.06 Biology, "Ecology" program.
  • In the current year, new educational programs have been developed, the implementation of which will begin on September 1, 2019:
  • 05.04.06 Ecology and nature management, "Ecological monitoring and environmental protection" profile;
  • 04.04.01 Chemistry, "Chemical-analytical control of living and man-made systems" profile;
  • 04.06.01 Biology, "Biochemistry and biotechnology" profile.
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