• Major Events At the present moment one of the major priorities of Asian universities strategic development is the expansion of comprehensive and mutually beneficial international cooperation. The crucial factor of the progress in this area is the youth engagement. The International Forum realization promotes the Asian educational, scientific and cultural institutions consolidation; the education processes integration; the extension of academic mobility; building the productive relationship between the partner-universities.
  • ASU UNICO TEMPUS Language Centre The ASU UNICO project team alongside with other 10 university partners is responsible for Centre of Excellence creation and hence is in charge of its further sustainable development. ASU team is represented in all project working groups and performs the required tasks aimed at reaching the main UNICO project objectives.
  • Migrants Testing Center Certified center for testing labor migrants of Russian language, Russian history and fundamental principles of the legislation of the Russian Federation by consent of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute (Moscow).
  • SCO University A network of existing universities in member states of SCO, which conducts the preparation of highly qualified personnel carried out on priority areas of cultural, scientific, educational and economic education.
  • Center for Regional Innovation Development A unique network structure has been formed in the Siberian Federal District with scientific institutions, enterprises and organizations in the region, ensuring a balance of interests between the university’s regional authorities and industrial partners in the development of training areas and content of educational programs for key sectors of the regional economy.
  • Center for Regional Technological Development In order to solve the problems of integrating intellectual property with the real sector of the regional economy, purposefully shaping the corporate culture of innovation, the Center for the Development of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management has been created in the regional business community.