Shanghai Cooperation Organization University

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Programs Coordinator Galina N. Aksenova
Tel. +7 (3852) 29-12-05
Fax +7 (3852) 29-12-53

The aims of establishing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University (SCO University) were set by SCO regulatory legal acts. They are the following:

  • Strengthening the mutual trust and good neighbourly relations between the SCO member countries.
  • Developing integration processes in education, science and technology areas.
  • Extention of multilateral educational, scientific and cultural collaboration.
  • Helping students get high-quality education.
  • Helping lecturers and scientists cultivate contacts.
  • Effective political, economic, academic and cultural collaboration between the SCO member countries.

Main SCO University objectives:

  • Extending the exchange of students, postgraduates, doctoral students, and academic staff.
  • Academic collaboration.
  • Updating the teaching methods and technologies.
  • Making easier the acknowledgement of the qualification certificates by SCO member countries and the whole world academia.
  • The main languages of tuition are the national language (Russian) and official SCO language (Chinese).

The part of SCO University is a master’s degree program “Regional Studies” which has two specialities:

  • “Topical issues of political, social and economic development of the region (China)”;
  • “Topical issues of political, social and economic development of Central Asian countries”.

Students participating in program study history, political, economic and social systems, culture of China. The program also includes such unique classes like information security, negotiation peculiarities, place marketing, comparative management, Central Asia in terms of world economy, Russian political activity towards Central Asia, Central Asian and Russian labor markets and others. Students also study English and Chinese languages.

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