Additional procurement regulations

To supply our food production facilities we follow certain procurement regulations.

  1. Goods are delivered with a remaining sale time of at least 2/3 of the total shelf life of the product;
  2. The delivered goods must have an individual factory (production) bar code both on the piece and on the packaging of the goods;
  3. The delivered goods must have unconditional and constant quality, confirmed in the prescribed form (certificates, quality certificates, etc.);
  4. Products in respect of which compulsory certification is provided for by legislative acts of the Russian Federation must be certified and labeled in accordance with the rules of the GOST RF certification system.
  5. The supplier is obliged to provide certified copies of certificates required for this product.
  6. The delivered goods must have a reputation of being in demand in most outlets of the city;
  7. The goods must be packed by the supplier in accordance with the agreement;
  8. Packaging supplied products must ensure complete safety of products. Damage to packaging is equivalent to a violation of product quality.
  9. The buyer checks the quality of products as they are sold within the shelf life of the product. In case of delivery of low-quality products, the Buyer undertakes within three days to send a telephone message, a fax or an e-mail to the Supplier, notify the Supplier of the delivery of products of inadequate quality and call his representative to draw up an act.
  10. The Supplier shall replace non-conforming products within 2 (two) days from the date of notification of the delivery of products of inadequate quality with the forces and facilities of the Supplier.
  11. The goods must have all the necessary standard labeling in accordance with the requirements for the content of information for the consumer;
  12. The goods should be supplied by the supplier without fail.

We prefer to choose local suppliers to boost the local economy and reduce food miles for the care of the environment.

Print version Modified 2.11.2023