Financial Planning Department

head Andrey A. Bezhovets
address 656049, Barnaul, pr. Lenina, 61, room 803M
tel. +7 (3852) 291-215

The main tasks and functions of Financial Planning Department

Planning and Financing Office

  1. Estimation of incomes and expenses in a section of sources of financing and kinds of activity of university, including estimates of incomes and expenses under the off-budget account, conducted by the Central accounting department of the university, and the centralized extra-budgetary estimate of the university.
  2. Monitoring the execution of federal budget expenditures (subsections 0111.0706 of the budget classification), filling and executing estimates of revenues and expenditures on the extra-budgetary account of ASU, centralized extrabudgetary estimates for the university.
  3. Formation of limits of budgetary obligations to the structural units of the university with the authority of a legal entity by proxy, and their financing in accordance with the limits approved by it.
  4. Drawing up a draft budget estimates for the federal budget (subsection 0706 of the budget classification) for the coming year in accordance with the forms and deadlines established by the Federal Agency for Education.
  5. Drawing up an annual return painting of university expenses by budget (subsections 0111.0706 of the budget classification).
  6. The distribution of limits of budgetary obligations and the amount of funding by structural units of the university, authorized by a legal entity by proxy, in the context of economic classification articles (subsections 0111.0706 of the budget classification), the formation of the corresponding expenditure schedules.
  7. Preparation of summary estimates of income and expenses of the university for funds received from entrepreneurial and other income-generating activities, extra-budgetary funds, their adjustment during the year.
  8. Estimation of revenues and expenditures of the federal budget for funds transferred to the budget income from leasing property in federal ownership and transferred to the operational management of the university, in the context of subject items.
  9. Development of methods and implementation of the calculation, the minimum cost of training per student paid form of study for the current financial year.
  10. Implementation of control over the execution of estimates of income and expenses of the university by means of the federal budget (subsections 0111.0706 of the budget classification), as well as funds received from leasing the property, in the context of economic classification articles; filling and executing the estimates of income and expenses of the structural units of the university, not vested with the legal authority of a legal entity, in the context of economic classification articles.
  11. Conducting an analysis of the performance of structural units, the university as a whole, according to accounting reports Development of proposals for the effective use of financial resources.
  12. Participation in drafting the Collective Agreement, financial and statistical reporting, various economic justifications.
  13. Preparation of orders on the financial and economic activities of the university, including the establishment of scholarships for students in the context of structural units and the payment of other transfers to students of the university.

Labor and Wages Office

  1. Compilation, design staffing and changes to them for all categories of staff and sources of funding in the context of the university departments.
  2. Compilation and maintenance of staff schedules in an automated system of staffing, staff accounting and payroll for the structural units of the university in the context of positions.
  3. Accompanying personnel orders for enrollment, dismissal and transfer of employees for compliance with the name of the divisions - the approved structure of the university; positions, established tariff categories, official salaries – ETC for remuneration; obligatory and incentive payments and allowances – the current wage regulation at the university.
  4. Calculation of the normative payroll fund of the divisions, control over the correct use of the regulatory fund by structural units.
  5. Editing and endorsement of the Regulations on the structural units of the university for compliance of their content with regulatory documents relating to issues of financing and remuneration of departments.
  6. Carries out control over the correctness of the formation and distribution of the fund of one-time incentive surcharges.
  7. Annual submission to the Federal Agency for Education of the staffing of the relevant year and information on the number, type of staff and payroll fund of university employees in the manner and form specified by the instruction letter of the Federal Education Agency
  8. Participation in the preparation of financial and statistical reporting of the university, providing the university management with the necessary analytical and statistical data.
  9. Preparation of orders on the organization of labor and wages.

Office of Economics, Statistics and Automated Processing of Planned and Accounting Information

  1. Preparation, together with the relevant departments of the university, of calculation standards and indicators for drawing up draft federal budget estimates for the coming year according to the forms and terms established by the Federal Agency for Education.
  2. Systematization and synthesis of materials received from university departments and subsequent submission to the state statistics bodies:
    - annual report on the number and wages of employees by type of activity (form No. 1-T);
    - monthly report on the number, wages and movement of workers (form number P-4);
    - monthly report on the production and shipment of goods and services (Form No. P-1);
    - monthly report on the volume of paid services to the population (form No. 1-Services);
    - one-time statistical forms.
  3. Participation in the development of local methodological, regulatory and informational materials used in forecasting and planning the activities of the university.
  4. Completion of financial reporting forms for the consolidated accounting report for the half year, nine months and a year on the main indicators of the university’s financial and economic activities.
  5. Monitoring of the governing and regulatory documents issued by the legislative bodies of the Russian Federation with the introduction of relevant changes in the local regulatory documents of the university concerning planning and financial work.
  6. Compilation of various economic justifications, preparation of certificates, calculations, letters ordered by the university management, correspondence with federal authorities on the current financial activities of the university.

Procurement Organization Office

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