ASU students' science and research work

Students' science and research work is an essential part of the educational process in ASU. The science work is a continuation and extention of the education and is organized by the faculties' departments, laboratories and other scientific subdivisions and aimed at reaching the educational and research unity, as well as introducing students to the world of scientific work and creativity.

There are the following forms of science and research work in the University:

  • science and research work implemented in the educational process;
  • science and research work supplementing the educational process;
  • science and research work combined with the educational process.

In order to provide the comfortable environment (resource, psychological, economic), which helps every student unleash their intellectual potential, there has been the Sector of Students' Educational and Research Work established. There is also the Students' Research Association, which is intended to awaken students' interest in science.

Vice-Rector for Science and Innovative Development is responsible for the students' science and research work planning and coordination.
Print version Modified 27.06.2017