Center for Regional Innovation Development

A unique network structure has been formed in the Siberian Federal District with scientific institutions, enterprises and organizations in the region, ensuring a balance of interests between the university’s regional authorities and industrial partners in the development of training areas and content of educational programs for key sectors of the regional economy.

New innovative programs are being implemented jointly with scientific institutes of Altai Krai and nearby regions (Institute for Water and Environmental Problems of the SB RAS, Institute of Economics of the SB RAS, etc.).

In addition, open with the involvement of resources of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the framework of licensed training areas (implementation and recruitment of the contingent - in the 2018-2019 academic year):

  • 03.06.01 Biology: Botany and Molecular Genetics (bachelor degree);
  • 04.06.01 Biology: Modern aspects of studying phytodiversity (master's program);
  • 04.04.01 Informatics and computer engineering: Neuroinformation technologies and robotic systems (master's program).
The most active interaction is carried out with the following Institutes of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations of Russia:
  • Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine SB RAS;
  • Federal Research Center "Institute of Cytology and Genetics" SB RAS;
  • Institute of Problems of Chemical and Energy Technologies SB RAS;
  • Central Siberian Botanical Garden of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • N.N. Blokhin Research Institute of Fundamental and Clinical Immunology and the Russian Cancer Research Center;
  • N.S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Institute for Monitoring Climate and Ecological Systems SB RAS;
  • Institute of Water and Ecological Problems SB RAS;
  • L.V. Kirensky Institute of Physics SB RAS;
  • Institute of Computational Technologies SB RAS;
  • M.A. Lavrentyeva Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS;
  • S.S. KutateladzeInstitute of Thermal Physics SB RAS;
  • Institute of Computational Modeling SB RAS;
  • Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS;
  • Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Institute of Philology SB RAS.
Developed project-oriented programs implemented jointly with enterprises and organizations, involving the team implementation of projects of the full life cycle:
  • Medical Biotechnology (master's program);
  • Applied Informatics (4 educational programs in the field of economics, liberal arts education, science education).

The formation of student project teams is being carried out on orders from enterprises in the real sector of the region to develop technological solutions for a particular business.

Developed: installation control device for Altai Geophysical Plant LLC, wireless temperature collection system, Biysk Fiberglass Plant LLC for measuring the profile parameters of extended products (profiled fiberglass rods) in the manufacturing process, SIBAF producing astaxanthin (biological substance) for use in feed production, for ZetGen Innovation and Production Company - dietary supplement based on phytosterols.

Agreements on cooperation and implementation of educational programs and projects have been concluded with Kaspersky Lab, Rosgosstrakh, Grana JSC, Omskneftekhimproekt JSC, Altai-Koks OJSC, Galeks S + LLC, Frimatik LLC, Altai Geodesic Plant LLC. In order to ensure the optimal combination of fundamental professional knowledge and professional-applied training, 40 basic departments of the university function in enterprises and organizations of Altai Krai.

The priorities of the university’s research activities are linked to the current agenda for the development of key clusters in Altai Krai.

In order to develop the pharmaceutical industry, by order of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Russia, Altaivitamin CJSC, work has been done to improve the quality of domestic pharmaceutical substances in order to increase the effectiveness and safety of anti-asthma drugs produced in Altai.

In the interests of enterprises of the Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster by the university: new technologies have been developed for the production of medicinal plant materials based on modern biotechnology methods, as well as methods for assessing the place of origin and quality of natural raw materials used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries; 7 species of valuable medicinal plants were introduced and the agrotechnologies developed for their cultivation under the agro-climatic conditions of the south of Western Siberia, as a promising raw material for creating dietary supplements and drugs; An agro-park of medicinal and other economically valuable plants was created on the basis of the South-Siberian Botanical Garden with the participation of the industrial partner of the university, the research and production company Altai Bouquet.

In order to develop beekeeping in the region, branding and promoting Altai Honey in the food market, by order of the Government of Altai Krai, work has been done on the specification of the honey base of Altai Krai, as well as on developing a method for determining the origin and quality of honey.

In the interests of ensuring the environmental safety of the region, the Center for Space Monitoring operates on the basis of the University’s Emergency Control Department for Altai Krai 24-hour monitoring using technologies and methods of remote sensing, the occurrence of natural emergencies, in particular the flood situation in the region, the occurrence and development of foci of forest and steppe fires.

By order of the Government of Altai Krai, university scientists were involved in the implementation of projects in the interests of developing the tourist and recreation zone of the international level “Belokurikha-2”, which is important for expanding the potential of domestic and inbound tourism. A set of works was carried out to substantiate the creation of a natural park “Foothills of Altai”, studies of archaeological monuments and other cultural and historical sites were conducted.

At the request of the authorities, public organizations and business structures of the region, expert-analytical departments of the university carry out comprehensive research, analysis and expertise in such major areas as: regional economic integration; international and domestic political factors of cooperation of Altai Krai with the states of Central and South Asia; ethno-confessional processes in the transboundary space; forecast and prevent the spread of the ideology of religious and national extremism, etc. A number of studies were conducted in the interests of monitoring and forecasting the socio-economic situation, both in the Altai Territory as a whole, and in individual municipalities and enterprises of the real sector.
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