ASU Rector delivered report on work performed by university in 2017

22 January 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
On January 19 Altai State University hosted a conference of workers and students of Altai State University, the main issue of which was the report by Rector Sergey Zemlyukov on the work of the establishment in 2017.

198 delegates from all the structural divisions of the university were registered at the conference.

The presidium of the conference included Minister of Education and Science in Altai Krai Alexander Zhidkikh, Chairman of Altai Krai Legislative Assembly on Health and Science Alexander Lazarev, Head of the Administration of Barnaul Central District Maxim Sabyna.

At the beginning of his speech Sergey Zemlyukov noted that Altai State University pushed on to a new level of its development in 2017.

"Having become a flagship university, we announced a new mission of the university, new indicators, new efficiency and entered an entirely different system of coordinates, the system of the flagship university. Undoubtedly, the received status is to a greater extent the determinant of a new level of our work, which must be justified. And for the implementation of new objectives, the work of the whole university team is needed," ASU Rector emphasized.

According to S.V. Zemlyukov, the year 2017 was marked by two crucial results for ASU, two victories: the university won the competition of flagship universities and "Universities as Centers for Creating Innovative Space" competition. Last year the university's educational programs for regional development clusters were integrated.

“For example, we do not only create new educational programs for Bioindustry major, but also introduce new products for livestock breeding. Within the framework of cooperation with the region's biopharmaceutical cluster, new training programs for specialists in pharmaceutics creation have been launched. Another direction is tourism and service,” Sergey Zemlyukov specified. “We continue to develop cooperation with our colleagues in Central Asia, the educational space of which is traditional for us. Here we are not only working in the sphere of education, but also promoting the export potential of Altai Krai on the economic and social markets of Central Asia."

After the end of the Rector’s speech, members of the university staff and honorary guests shared their impressions of the report. Minister of Education and Science in Altai Krai Alexander Zhidkikh noted that the government of the region fully supports all strategic directions of the university development, especially from the point of view of developing interaction with other subjects of the educational system of the region.

"The victories gained by Altai State University should not only work for the image of the university, but also ensure the achievement of the region’s strategic goals. It primarily includes training professionals and conducting research for key segments of the economy of Altai Krai, introduction of technology, and creation of a cultural and expert center for social development. In my opinion, Altai State University gets the modern challenges right. It created appropriate social infrastructure to reduce the outflow of prospective students from the region, established a network of scientific centers corresponding to the structure of the region's economy and taking into account the prospects for Altai Krai development. An important task is the positioning of the university, hence the region in terms of the comfort of living, ecological cleanliness, and opportunities for scientific research. Thus, the university has become more high-profile in the recent years. This fact has been confirmed by both the state of affairs in Altai State University and the results of independent ranking studies," Alexander Zhidkikh said. “For the moment it is important to determine the development strategy correctly and choose the group of people who you are going to work with. The flagship university primarily relies on the territory where it is located, and it is necessary to understand what part of it the university will be able to cover. I would like to thank the management and the whole team of Altai State University for their significant contribution to the development of our region and wish you further success in your work."

Another issue on the agenda was the election and approval of a new composition of the university Academic Board. It will consist of 50 representatives of structural divisions and management of the university. During the conference an elected part of the council, which, according to the quotas, included 31 people from the educational departments of Altai State University, was determined by secret ballot. The basis of the council will consist of the honorary professors and leading scientists of the university.

At the end of the meeting the participants unanimously recognized the work of the rector of Altai State University in 2017 as satisfactory and approved all the provisions made in the draft resolution of the conference.

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