ASU starts celebrating the 46th anniversary

21 May 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On May 20, celebratory events dedicated to the 46th anniversary of the founding of Altai State University started.

The celebration began on the square in front of the administrative building of ASU, which was filled by representatives of all faculties, institutes and college of the university. About 800 students, teachers, deans and representatives of the university administration welcomed the guests with loud applause. Volunteers, representatives of student teams and the scientific and student society, the best athletes, winners of the regional contests, members of the university’s creative teams and tutors of the high school took part in the solemn lineup.

Opening the event, the hosts of the holiday reminded that Altai State University was not only the leader of science, culture and innovations, but also the leader of higher education in Altai Krai. Altai State University trains professional personnel for all areas of the regional economy, ensures its technological and social development.

“Every year at the end of May, over the course of 46 years, Altai State University celebrates its anniversary. As a rule, this is a number of diverse educational, cultural, sports events, which are opened by a solemn lineup at the entrance to the main building of ASU,” Acting First Vice Rector of ASU Evgeni Shvakov said, congratulating the staff of the university. “Altai State University is the largest university in Altai Krai, where more than 14 thousand students study, and about 4,300 applicants annually enroll. This is one of the 33 flagship universities of the country. This is a university that is included in the list of the 100 best young universities in the world under the age of 50 years, where multidisciplinary education is combined – 28 areas of training, 205 educational programs for bachelor, specialist, master and postgraduate studies. This choice is so great that absolutely everyone who enters can decide on the future direction of training. Altai State University has good, stable ratings in certain areas of training, which again and again confirms the high level of education at ASU and its status, which affects the choice of applicants.”

According to the tradition, the solemn raising of the flags of the Russian Federation, Altai Krai, the flagship university of the region and the Association of Asian Universities took place at the opening of the week for celebrating the anniversary of ASU. The final chord of the solemn lineup was singing of the university’s anthem.

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