Famous biologist from the University of Utah Mary Barkworth will come to ASU

14 June 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Biologists of Altai State University will hold International Summer School in the framework of Aktru-2019 International Scientific and Educational Symposium. The school will be devoted to the study of the biodiversity of the Altai highlands, located in four countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

Starting July 10, the International Summer School on Botany will be carried out on the premises of Chemal training base of Altai State University, in which both young and leading scientists from Russia, the USA, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Singapore and other countries will take part.

“In fact, our school will be held in the Altai Mountains. It will have several stops, several locations on the way to the Aktru Glacier in the highlands of the North-Chuya Range, where Aktru research station of Tomsk State University is located. At this station, the participants of our school and TSU school with the participation of geographers, glaciologists, hydrologists and other scientists will unite and hold two fruitful working days of Aktru-2019 International Symposium,” representative of the organizing committee, Assistant Professor at the Department of Botany of the Faculty of Biology at ASU Polina D. Gudkova said.

Famous biologist from the University of Utah (USA) Mary Barkworth will act as a chairman of the Biodiversity Section at the symposium and Summer School on Botany together with the Director of the South-Siberian Botanical Garden at ASU, Doctor of Biology, Professor Alexander I. Shmakov.

“Mary is one of the leading researchers of the North American flora, in particular, one of its most difficult groups – grain crops. We hope that, thanks to the American scientist’s experience, our work on the treatment of Altai flora will be carried out in accordance with international requirements,” Polina D. Gudkova emphasized. “Currently, Altai State University carries out large-scale work to study and make the inventory of Altai flora. The Great Altai is a complex mountain system, which is located in four countries. More than 2700 plant species grow here and about 300 of them are endemic. Almost every year, scientists find something new in this area, where there are little-studied places, so we also hope to achieve significant results in cooperation with foreign colleagues.”

The International Scientific and Educational Symposium "Aktru-2019" will be held from July 8 to July 11 in Gorno-Altaisk, while the Summer International Scientific Schools will be carried out until July 19 at Chemal and Aktru training stations.

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