Scientists of Altai State University invented edible dishes

2 October 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Scientists of Altai State University who created edible dishes proposed to make it a tourist brand of the region.

The authors of the unusual development were employees of Altai State University. The kitchen utensils are based on lupine. This agricultural plant belongs to the legume family. It is a source of protein and a useful substitute for soy. Lupine does not contain gluten, phytohormones and phytic acid. It is actively cultivated in Europe and South America. In Altai Krai about 20 farms are engaged in growing of this plant.

First, scientists from Barnaul developed a technology for producing oil from lupine – for adding to sports nutrition. And the remaining cake and husk began to be thermally processed and pressed into dishes that can be eaten. According to curator of the project Olga Vysotskaya, entrepreneurs from neighboring regions of the country are already interested in unusual dishes. Our scientists can produce about 2000 plates and glasses of oilcake every month. Now they are looking for an investor to start the industrial production of their development.

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