I love helping people: a student of the AltSU college is an active participant in the mutual assistance action We Are Together

29 April 2020 Press Centre of AltSU College

Altai State University takes an active part in the implementation of the all-Russian action of mutual assistance We Are Together, aimed at helping lonely people during the coronavirus epidemic. So, Aleksey Dyachkov, a student of group 3913-cn and a volunteer of the AltSU college, took part in this action.

But the conversation will not be about this action, but about the life of our classmate who made a decision to help weak and lonely people during the epidemic.

- How did you decide to take part in the action #we are together?

- I got to the headquarters from the MGER organization, since many organizations have united in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. So, I myself made the decision to participate, as I am an activist and really love helping people, especially since they need it now.

- What is your secret, how to combine study and work of an activist?

- Well, this might be a talent. I always combine everything. And I think I'm good at it.

- Do you have a book where you describe the events that happen to you, use time management techniques?

- No, there is no such book, I myself am not a very organized person and I do all the work in a chaotic manner.

- What is your hobby?

- I am interested in and love doing many things, I pay a lot of attention to sports, I am a very active person, so I have a lot of hobbies. I love to play volleyball, I used to be a swimmer, a dancer, I also take a great interest in history, when I have time, I like to read, I also really like cinematography and, of course, volunteering. I really love helping people.

- Do you have any difficulties in volunteering?

- I think the main thing is the team and the desire, without the desire it is difficult to do something, and without a good and well-coordinated team it is difficult to achieve something. I have no problem with that. I am very grateful to my team and especially to our leader Anna Vedler, I believe that during this time we have become so united that we can be proudly called a “family”.

- Do you consider yourself a dreamer?

- It is important not to confuse the concepts of "a dreamer" and being purposeful. Of course, I have goals and dreams, but I consider myself more goal-oriented, but sometimes I don't mind dreaming either.

- Then let me ask about your goals and dreams? Of course, if it's not personal.

- I really want to move to Moscow, I like this city, and I would like to live there. I really want to find myself a life partner who would accept me like that. I have always dreamed of paying my debt to my homeland (serving in the army). I also want to master several professions and still find myself. I want to visit the USA and Japan.

- Do you think that with great perseverance and inner strength, dreams can come true?

- Of course, this is what we dream for.

- What would you advise against boredom during the period of self-isolation?

- I don't have much time to be bored, to be honest. But I think you can go into self-development. Read books that have been put aside. Watch movies. Work on things that you are a little behind.

- Great tips. What are your plans after self-isolation is lifted? Maybe participation in new projects?

- Yes, of course, I will also take part in everything, as well as before self-isolation. I'm not going to stop, because I want to try everything.

- Is there anything you are planning or is it classified as "secret"?

- There should be a contest "Miss and Mister College of Altai State University".

- I hope you will have a “Mister” in addition to the “volunteer” status.

- Let's wait and see, there are also all worthy competitors, and I think that the competition will be fiery!

We wish Alexei success in all his endeavors, may all his dreams come true.

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