Debates within the All-Russian Lesomania quest at the Institute: Fir-trees vs Fir-trees

17 November 2020 Rubtsovsk Institute

On November 15, the Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University, together with the participants in the student laboratory of the Department of MAI, held a debattle (derived from the words “debate” and “battle”) on the topic “What is better to use for the New Year: artificial or felled spruce?" As you know, there is no generally accepted answer to this question, and on the eve of the New Year, everyone decides for himself what choice to make to create a festive atmosphere in the house - buy a real (felled) spruce or get an artificial one for several years.

The rival teams in the battle were groups 1295С9-1, 1295С9-2 ("e-Fir-trees" - they called for the use of a real spruce) and 1295C9-3, 1295C9-4 ("i-Fir-trees" - they defended the advantages of acquiring an artificial spruce).

The battle turned out to be heated. The teams with each performance put forward more and more new arguments, not forgetting to parry the arguments of the opponents. Of course, the main aspects when considering the issue were environmental and economic. But such aspects as practicality, safety, "festivity" of those and other fir-trees were also touched upon. "Sorting things out" continued at the stage of answering questions. Questions were tricky, the teams sometimes got stumped and, literally, had to "get out" of the situation.

The judges, discarding their beliefs and professional knowledge in the matter under consideration (as it should be when judging debates), evaluated the teams according to the following criteria:

1) content - the quality of the arguments used, their elaboration, originality, and proof. As well as the quality of the refutation of the opponent's arguments;

2) style - the ability and manner of participants to speak, oratorical skills. Appearance. Gestures. Verbal and non-verbal means of persuasion;

3) strategy - the structure and construction of speech in time (the presence of structure in speech, adherence to the logic of reasoning, speech time, prioritization in speech); understanding the problem (understanding which questions were the main ones during the debattle).

As a result, the victory was won by the "e-Fir-tree" team (groups 1295С9-1, 1295С9-2). But the best speaker of the debate was announced Ivan Ryzhkov (group 1295S9-4), a member of the i-Fir-tree team!

We congratulate the winners of the debate and wish all its participants further success in the affairs of the first green university of Altai Krai, which is our Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University!

Of course, the victory of the e-Fir-trees team does not mean that the issue of choosing fir-trees for celebrating the New Year has been resolved. The main purpose of the debate was to get the audience to think about the issue. As a result, each person must form a position on this issue himself, and the debates only provide with comprehensive and balanced information for this.

The final action of the debate was to place a comma in the slogan of the Lesomania quest - "Saving the forest impossible to cut down". All the participants of the event unanimously urged, of course, to place a comma before the word "impossible" - " Saving the forest, impossible to cut down!"

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