Altai Krai official website: Altai State University scientists strengthen scientific ties with OmSU

29 November 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
The Altai Krai official website published information that Altai State University concluded an agreement on scientific cooperation in the field of Altaistics and Turkology with one of the leading universities in this field - Omsk State University named after FMDostoevsky.

Cooperation of universities is provided for the purpose of implementing scientific works on the project "Turkic-Mongolian world of the Greater Altai: unity and diversity in history and modernity."

The concluded agreement provides for the holding of joint scientific events by the two universities, implementing joint educational and research projects, preparing scientific publications and organizing conferences, Altai State University reported.

Head of the project group "Comprehensive ethnographic and ethnocultural studies of the commonality of the Turkic-Mongol peoples of the Greater Altai", Director of the Institute of History and International Relations of Altai State University Ivan Nazarov noted that there are long-standing and strong scientific ties between Altai and Omsk State Universities in many areas of scientific research, including historical sciences.

At present, Omsk State University is one of the leading university ethnographic centers of the country, where ethnographic studies of the Turkic peoples of Russia and neighboring countries are carried out, as well as training of ethnographers in this area. Consolidation of the intellectual potential of university and academic centers is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project "The Turkic-Mongolian World of the Greater Altai: unity and diversity in history and modernity".

“We plan to actively cooperate with Omsk ethnographers colleagues in understanding the experience of ethnographic study of the Turkic peoples; we will jointly form a promising agenda for scientific research in the field of Altai studies and develop joint educational projects. We plan to discuss these topics at the expert session "Historical unity and cultural diversity of the Turkic-Mongolian world: promising directions in the organization of educational and scientific projects", which our project group will conduct at the very beginning of December," Ivan Nazarov specified.

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