The scientists from Altai and the USA are going to line up against MERS and Ebola viruses

6 July 2015 Public Relations Department

By the end of 2015 Altay State University is going to open the Antiviral Medication Development Center in collaboration with American colleagues from Emory University, Atlanta.

“We intend to hold scientific research and exchange of specialists, to develop cooperative programs. First thing to do at the moment is to prepare and execute documentation relating to virological center developement”, - says Alexey Tishkin, prorector for research and innovations.

On the 23d of June a videoconference “Barnaul – Atlanta – San-Francisco” took place. It was articulated on the development of the new generation of antiviral medication. Scientists are planning to do research on tick-borne encephalitis virus, HPV, DHF, influenza viruses, Ebola and MERS.

“Emory University is proud of its progressive inventions and technologies in virology. Moreover, we deliver our projects quite quickly. For example, one of them had been started in June 2013 and has already been finished in September 2014”, - says professor George Painter, the CEO of DRIVE Drug Innovation Ventures at Emory.

American colleagues were first to show initiative. They were interested in Altai Region because tick-borne encephalitis virus is widespread here and it is a good opportunity to test the medication on the live virus. ASU is ready to collaborate and adopt empowering experience.

Negotiations between ASU and Emory are still in progress. George Painter is going to visit Barnaul in the nearest time, whereupon Russian scientists are making a return visit. The agreement on infrastructure financing with Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Education and Science has already been reached.

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