Anti-cancer Center scientists have started simultaneous oncological experiment in Russia and the USA

13 May 2015 Public Relations Department

An experiment for comparing immunosignatures in samples of patients’ having breast cancer blood serum has started in Russian-American Anti-cancer Center in ASU. The experiment is carried out by scientists of ASU, Altai Regional Cancer Center “Nadezhda” and Arizona State University (the USA).

Professor of Biodesign Institute of Arizona University Zbigniew Cichacz has come to ASU to take part in the experiment.

“The main objective of our experiment is to compare blood serum samples of Russian and American patients having breast cancer with normal serum. Specialists from Cancer Center “Nadezhda ” have taken blood samples in Altai Region and scientists from Arizona University have taken the samples in the United States. So there are 4 goups of 60 women. Now by means f the experiment we are going to find out if it is possible to get a universal immunosignature for detecting breast cancer, which does not depend on geographical, social or economic conditions”, – elaborates Andrey I. Shapoval, Anti-cancer Center Director, Candidate of Biological Sciences.

Immunosignature testing has begun on May 12 in ASU and Arizona University simultaneously and is going to last till May 15.

Immunosignature technology was invented by professor S. Johnston and his colleagues in the Center of Innovative Medicine of Arizona University (the USA). Russian-American Anti-cancer Center foundation memorandum was signed in June 2013. On the American side there is Arizona University and on the Russian side there are scientists of Altai State University, Altai State Medical University, Regional Cancer Center “Nadezhda”, Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS).

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