The ASU International Students Association has held their first meeting of 2015-2016 academic year

23 September 2015 Olga Lavygina, For Science journal

The ASU International Students Association was established in March 2015 and resonated much. No other Altai university has such kind of organization. Association is very young and is currently at the formative stage.

“We need to sum up the results of the work we have already done. In order to remain an ambitious organization we must choose a new head of the Association, who will be elected right after the candidates speak out. The election procedure is very important due to the fact that the Association is a link between the students of our countries. From October 9 to October 13 an important event, the Central Asian Youth Leaders Summit, is taking place in ASU. I invite you and your friends to the event, wish you energy and success in your work and promise you my help.” – said A.A. Tselevitch, Director of the Department of Educational and Extracurricular Work.

International students tutor N.I. Akhmedova said she would be happy to continue working together. She stated that ASU would always help bring their amazing ideas and projects to life and share their culture with others.

At the end of the meeting a new chairman of the ASU International Students Association has been elected. The new head of the Association is Ruslan Rinatov, Faculty of History student from Kazakhstan. From now on, students are going to work hard to make the Association prosper. In the foreseeable future there are cultural and sports events planned to be organized in order to unite the students from different countries.

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