ASU Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center was highly praised at XIX Russian Oncological Congress

23 November 2015 Public Relations Department

XIX Russian Oncological Congress was held in Moscow. Altai Krai delegation led by head doctor of the Regional Oncologic Dispensary, honoured doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Alexander F. Lazarev.

Alexander F. Lazarev delivered a poster report on innovative procedures of breast cancer prevention and early detection – immunosignatures. Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center staff helped him preparing it. Altai oncologists’ lecture joined the list of the best poster reports of “Breast Cancer Molecular Peculiarities” workshop.

“It was the first presentation of Center’s work on such significant specialized national level. Alexander F. Lazarev talked about cancer prevention in Altai Krai, cooperation of Russian and American scientists, results of Center’s work. His lecture was highly appreciated by the expert society, and the congress participants started taking interest in our activities,” stated executive director of ASU Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center, Candidate of Biology Andrey Shapoval. “Importantly, it was our report that was chosen to be presented on such meaningful forum. It means our work is honoured.”

In the framework of the XIX Russian Oncological Congress, which hosted around 3 thousand Russian oncologists, the results of Russian scientists’ research in the field of fundamental and clinical oncology, new approaches to different types of cancer detection and treatment were presented; problems of providing psychological and palliative care to oncology patients and other topical issues were discussed.

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