Center for Information Security will be established at ASU

20 April 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
Altai State University makes preparations for the opening of Center for Information Security and Protection against DDoS Attacks.

The new establishment will be officially called Certification Authority under Information Technologies Department. It will be realizing commercial programs involving management of electronic keys that ensure information security of different Internet services.

The center is currently undergoing accreditation process at the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications and the Federal Security Service in order to be able to provide officially recognized services.

“Our center will deal with certification of computer systems. Such services are rigorously controlled in terms of legislation, this is why we must obtain a license and make sure that we meet necessary information security requirements,” explained Head of the Information Security Office under ASU IT Department Ivan M. Shirokov. “Moreover, we need to pass certification for delivery of advanced electronic signatures, which could be used for systems of legally valid electronic document flow at digital trading platforms.”

“We are going to hire students and graduates of the Faculty of Physics and Technology to work at the center. There they will gain professional experience in information security, which will make it easier for them to obtain employment in similar institutions in future. Information security is a very popular sphere nowadays, especially that DDoS attacks on Internet resources of different organizations, including those of Altai State University, have become more frequent.  Hackers try to find Internet structures’ weak spots and break into their networking services every single second,” said Head of IT Department Mikhail A. Ryazanov.

The opening of Center for Information Security under Altai State University will be a significant event for information security of Altai Krai, because this type of service has only started to develop at the region despite all the popularity. Certification Authority under Information Technologies Department is to open in summer 2017.

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