Entrance examinations for international students started at ASU

18 July 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications

Yesterday, on 17 July 2017, Altai State University has started conducting entrance examinations for international students and college graduates, who want to take bachelor’s or specialist’s degree courses at ASU.

The examination in the Russian language was the first to be held.

“This examination is usually the most mass scale and the most important, as all the faculties require the exam in Russian passed for admission. Over 300 enrollees took the exam in Russian yesterday. We conducted blank testing, the results of which will be revealed in two days. They will be available at ASU website as well,” Executive Secretary of Admission Board, Candidate of History Ivan I. Nazarov specified. “In the next week examinations in all other subjects will be held, as well as creative tests for those who apply to such majors as art and journalism. Thus, all the examination period will be finished by 26 July and final rating for prospective students will be estimated.”

All in all, around 700 enrollees are to take internal entrance examinations at Altai State University.

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