Russian Science Day greetings

8 February 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
Today we celebrate Russian Science Day. It is a holiday, which is justly considered to be a professional day of the academic community.

The tradition of honouring scientists on 8 February originated in 1724, when Russian Academy of Sciences was established by Peter the Great for the purpose of encouraging scholarly endeavors. Russian science has made a giant step forward since then. It is currently a powerful resource for economic transformations, essential component of the national wealth and major driving force of technological development.

It should be noted that Altai State University with its scientists, research teams and laboratories contribute massively in strengthening of Russian science in general and Altai science in particular. Thus, ASU scientists conduct research in such areas as agricultural biology, geo-ecological monitoring, biomedicine, rational environmental management, etc.

Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilieva was among others who have delivered Russian Science Day greetings today:

"Today Russia celebrates the Day of Russian Science. This is the sphere of social life and the branch of activity to which the definitions of the superior form should be applied. The essence of the processes and phenomena occurring in science is extremely unique and complex, and the result of the work sometimes overturns the idea of the outward things. The knowledge of the world, the disclosure of the secrets of nature excited people at all times, but only a few of them chose the thorny path of the scientists, discoverers of the natural laws and life itself.

Taking into account my experience in scientific activity, I can assume that in many respects the brightest events of world and domestic history were determined by the development of technical progress, the creation of universities and scientific schools, and the participation of the state in educational policy. As a result, new social structures were formed and original philosophical thought, which sets innovative directions in the culture, was born. It was scientists who found the best solutions to the most complex issues of interstate relations in times of crisis, talked about the past, changed the present and looked into the future of the mankind.

Today, Russian science has a high growth potential. I am sure that the main competitive advantage of the national economy should be highly educated specialists, new knowledge and a favorable atmosphere of scientific creativity.

I want to thank all those who work in the field of science for the unswerving devotion to the cause, without which it is impossible to move forward. Accept my sincere wishes for success in your hard work."

Happy Russian Science Day!

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