Foreign universities thank ASU for cooperation

26 February 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications

Altai State University is extremely active in terms of international cooperation. It maintains cooperative relationship with a number of higher education establishments from all over the world. Thus, in February ASU received two letters of appreciation from Palacký University (Czech Republic) and Kanazawa University (Japan).

The letter from Palacký University (Czech Republic) was written by Professor Ivo Jirásek. He gladly informed Sergey V. Zemlyukov, the Rector of Altai State University, that the expedition of the Czech team on the territory of Altai and Sayan had been successfully completed on January 27, 2018. The participants were able to overcome 150 km of the route on snowshoes in the extreme conditions of the winter Siberian taiga within 10 days.

“On behalf of the whole team, I would like to thank the students of ASU Tourist Club and its head Andrey Dudnik for professional help, assistance and support in the implementation of this event,” wrote Professor Ivo Jirásek. “I hope that the first joint event will serve as the beginning of a long-term successful cooperation. I wish you, your employees and students success in your professional and academic work.”

Another letter was written by Koetsu Yamazaki, the President of Kanazawa University. He expressed his gratitude for ASU representatives (Executive Director of Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center Andrei I. Shapoval and four students) attending the symposium in the framework of interuniversity exchange project. ASU representatives’ participation added to the successful execution of the event.

“It was a great honor for me to receive the representatives of Altai State University, our strategic partner. I am sure that our cooperation will continue to develop in the future. It is difficult to overestimate the relevance of the past symposium,” wrote Koetsu Yamazaki. “I would like to wish you good health, as well as success in the further development of Altai State University.”

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