IV Student Congress for the Peoples of Central Asia took place at ASU

20 March 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
On March 15-16, Altai State University held the IV Student Congress for the Peoples of Central Asia dedicated to the national holiday of Persian and Turkic peoples called Nowruz.

A multinational spring holiday organized at ASU for the 4th time on the initiative of the Association of International Students (AIST) began with the meeting of the spring girl, the main character of Nowruz. The representatives of Kazakh, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Uzbek, Indian and Russian cultures, students of all Barnaul universities greeted her with music and the first spring flowers on the porch of the building L of Altai State University. To the sounds of the carnival and doira, the spring girl walked along the corridors of the university to the main place of celebration in the hall of the first floor of the building M. Bright decorations, poems that celebrate the arrival of Novruz, the anthem of the holiday, happy faces and congratulatory speeches – this was the beginning of the grand opening of the IV Student Congress for the Peoples of Central Asia.

"Since 2015, when we celebrated Nowruz holiday for the first time, the number of foreign students has doubled, the number of foreign teachers has doubled, and the number of scientists coming to us from Central Asian countries within the framework of the academic mobility program has also doubled. During this time, we have started a huge number of new projects, and I am very glad that the organizers of this year's Congress have prepared many pleasant surprises for its participants. The program includes a lot of new scientific, creative and sport activities. I was happy to welcome representatives of national cultural associations of Altai Krai and guests who came to us from other countries," Roman Raikin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Development of ASU, said.

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