Scientific and educational potential of ASU was presented at Siberian Forum for Chemists and Pharmacists

13 June 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
Director of Research Institute for Biological Medicine at Altai State University, Doctor of Biology, Professor Vyacheslav V. Lampatov took part in the Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference for Chemists and Pharmacists of the Siberian Federal District "Rural Pharmacy. Modern Approach to Increasing the Availability of Medicines for the Population".

At the conference, Vyacheslav V. Lampatov made a presentation on "Peculiarities of Pharmacological Counseling of Patients with Symptoms of Respiratory Disease during the Summer Season", and also took part in the discussion of key forum topics as the President of Altai Pharmaceutical Union.

"Our pharmacy service is widely represented in the region and enterprises of the biopharmaceutical cluster engaged in the production of medicines, biologically active additives and functional nutrition for health improvement of the population are actively working. Since Altai State University is a flagship university of Altai Krai, its fundamental role in the development of the region in general and pharmaceutical industry in particular should be clearly traced," Vyacheslav V. Lampatov said.

At the conference, Professor Lampatov positioned ASU as a scientific and educational institution engaged in the development of innovative methods for obtaining and using medicinal raw materials of natural origin and medicines based on it, as well as preparing specialists for the pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry.

Currently, 39 enterprises of the biopharmaceutical cluster, 12 of which produce biologically active additives and medicines, operate in Altai Krai. This sector of the region's economy requires highly qualified specialists, who are now trained at Altai State University. In September 2017, ASU received a license, which allows preparing students majoring in pharmaceutics: pharmacists, manufacturing engineers and biotechnology engineers.

Vyacheslav V. Lampatov added that highly-qualified specialists in this area are in demand not only in Altai Krai, but also throughout the country, as palmost every region has its own pharmaceutical production.

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