ASU and Chess Federation of Altai Krai sign cooperation agreement

22 November 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
On November 15 Altai State University signed a cooperation agreement with the Chess Federation of Altai Krai.

Altai State University has become the first higher education institution of the region to enter into a cooperation agreement which the Chess Federation of Altai Krai. In accordance with the document, the parties will jointly develop chess in Altai Krai, annually work out and approve a plan of joint activities for the development of chess at ASU, highlight each other’s activities and joint activities for the development of chess in the media, etc.

Opening the event, President of the Chess Federation of Altai Krai Artem A. Polomoshnov noted that the renewed federation has formed a grandmaster school within seven years of its work and started to implement a program for the development of chess in the region. During this period, the federation educated chess players who became part of the junior team of Russia for different ages.

“Our best chess players grew up and became students, which ultimately prompted us to more thoroughly engage in the development of the chess movement in the student community. This is an area of activity that will become a logical continuation of our work with young chess players and will attract new audiences to the chess ranks. We understand that our students can already highly competitive in the Russian chess arena, so we need to establish a chess movement among students. At the same time, most people who are passionate about chess are, in our opinion, promising specialists, and our program will help ensure that these citizens stay in the region and work for its benefit,” Artem A. Polomoshnov said.

“We are moving away from the perception of the university as an exclusively educational institution. A university is a driver for the development of society, a driver for the formation of a new personality that would be socially responsible and diversified. Altai State University in its program of development as a flagship university established the so-called "third mission", aimed at the development of cultural, competitive events, entrepreneurship, etc. The cooperation agreement signed today with the Chess Federation of the region is one of the areas of work at ASU in the framework of the “third mission”. We are bringing up a fully developed new student, who will not only learn with enthusiasm, but also participate in various events with interest. This promise is also marked in our agreement,” Acting Rector of Altai State University Sergey N. Bocharov said.

The event was attended by the Acting Head of the Mass Communications Department of Altai Krai Maxim V. Gerasimyuk, who noted that with the agreement signed, Altai State University will not only work to educate decent chess players, but also struggle for intelligence and potential.

“Russian and foreign university are currently trying to lure chess players of Altai Krai to their side, because chess competitions organized among students are of great importance, and there are a lot of examples when Russian universities do not just run their own chess clubs, but start organizing large international chess festivals. I hope that in the future, Altai State University, having signed this agreement, will reach the appropriate level,” Maxim V. Gerasimyuk noted.

During the event, the President of the Chess Federation of Altai Krai noted that the agreement will allow holding the Russian Chess Championship among students in 2019, as well as a number of other significant competitions, on the premises of Altai State University.

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