Altai State University geographers have learned how to make an accurate calculation of the water level in rivers during the flood period

14 December 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications

Geographers of Altai State University have learned how to predict the spring flood.

Scientists of AltGU have developed a special algorithm with which it will be possible to estimate the maximum level of water rise in rivers.

The forecasting method has been developed on the basin of the largest river in the region - the Charysh. For processing, data on precipitation, temperature, the degree of soil freezing, river congestion and many other indicators are needed. There are three working weather stations on Charysh, and the proposed algorithm using their data will allow with a high degree of accuracy to calculate the maximum water level in rivers during the flood period.

The geographers gave their work to the Altai Hydrometeorological Center.

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