ASU student undergoes training course in China

10 April 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Anastasia Matveeva, a student of the Faculty of Mass Communications, Philology and Political Science of Altai State University, is currently undergoing a training program in the Chinese city of Harbin.

She shared her impressions with the journalists of the Katun TV channel, starting with a short story about the city where she is studying.

“At the beginning of the 20th century, emigrants from the Russian Empire lived in Harbin. In this area, they formed their own monetary unit – the local ruble. The story of the settlement of Russian emigrants was repeated after the October Revolution in 1917 with a new wave of migrants. But by 1945 the situation had changed. The Soviet army cleared Harbin from the compatriots. And the Russian population was less than 1,000 people. Thus, this city is sometimes called "Russian Harbin" Anastasia said.

Tourists note that in this area there are other public gardens and parks named after Russian eminent people. For example, in Harbin there is a park named after Stalin. In addition, in the capital of the Heilongjiang province there are many Russian restaurants, souvenir shops and other Russian-style establishments.

“On the Central Street of the city, you may sometimes even see Russian musicians and actors performing. And it immediately feels like you are in Russia,” the student noted.

Harbin is also famous for the ancient Chinese buildings, which are most often presented in the form of arbors in the traditional style. The most remarkable thing about these buildings is the sharp corners, which, according to the legend of the ancient Chinese, frightened off evil spirits. In antiquity, the Chinese built houses in the same way to live there.

The student came to Harbin to study under the SCO program (the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization) from Altai State University. The program is designed for a year. The girl admits that she managed to learn Chinese very well in a year.

“When I was going to go to China for a year, I was very worried about whether I would be comfortable and how to adapt. 1 year is a very long period of time! However, soon I realized that there were no unsolvable problems in our life. Of course, there were difficult situations during this period, but they were all solvable. It’s very important how you set yourself up. I always set myself up positively, and therefore difficult situations seem trivial. Despite all my excitement, I have only wonderful emotions from my internship. This is such a valuable experience! I began to understand and speak Chinese much better. For those who are going to take the same training course, do not worry and set your mind to success. Then you will succeed, you will gain tremendous experience and get a lot of wonderful impressions!” Anastasia said.

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