ASU makes it into the top 15 Russian universities in public accreditation ranking

14 November 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
The National Fund for Support of Innovations in Education compiled a ranking of educational organizations based on the results of public accreditation.

Rating of 180 Russian universities was performed. As a result, flagship Altai State University took the 13th among Russian higher education institutions and entered the top 3 universities of the Siberian Federal District, being positioned between the participants of the 5-100 Global Competitiveness Project – National Research Tomsk State University and National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Various educational programs of Altai State University pass the process of public accreditation every year, thereby confirming the compliance of the quality and level of training with the requirements, professional standards and labor market demands for specialists of the corresponding profile.

“I would like to emphasize that public accreditation is one of the modern and effective tools for assessing the quality of education, used throughout the world, and designed to differentiate programs for the quality of education. Passing the procedure of international public accreditation is also an opportunity to understand how our educational programs comply with international principles and approaches, modern trends in world education, and the requirements of professional communities from relevant sectors of the economy. We are constantly working to strengthen the competitiveness of our programs and enhance the image of the educational organization,” Marina Kolbunova, Head of the Department for Education Quality and Development at ASU, said. “At the moment, 16 educational programs at the university have passed the procedure of public accreditation, have been placed on the official federal register and received accreditation certificates. In addition, educational programs of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Information Systems are on the line to confirm the quality of education. The process of international professional public accreditation is to begin in November 2019.”

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