Altai State University will host a large-scale scientific and practical forum on human health

20 November 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On Friday, November 22, International Scientific and Practical Conference with Online Participation “Psychological, Pedagogical and Biomedical Problems of Human Health” will open at Altai State University.

The topic of the conference received grant support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. It will allow summarizing Russian and foreign universities’ level and results of scientific work, discussing fundamental research on health assessment, studying the influence of various factors on human health, developing preventive and improving measures and educational programs.

On November 22–23, representatives of leading universities and research institutes from Australia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, France, Kazakhstan and other countries will participate in the conference in online mode. The conference will be physically attended by specialists from Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Nigeria.

“The topic related to the problem of human health is multifaceted and is being studied by specialists in various fields of science and life. These are not only medical and sports issues, but also tasks related to psychology and philosophy, food and ecology,” Petr Ya. Dugnist, chairman of the conference, Assistant Professor at the Department of Physical Education of ASU, said. “Physical education is a large section of human culture, which is closely related to such a popular trend as healthy lifestyle. This topic is now of interest to a large number of people around the world, so the geography of our conference has turned out so wide. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, many foreign scientists and specialists could not come to our forum in person, but they have already confirmed their participation in online mode, prepared reports and intend to actively discuss the problems raised at our event.”

In the course of two-day work, the conference will present both field-specific reports, relating to the lifestyle and culture of public health in Bulgaria or aspects of self-assessment of Polish students’ health, and generally valid ones, addressing the problems of psychological and pedagogical risks of bullying in the educational environment, the study of motor activity as a factor in improving the quality of students’ life, social portrait of adolescents and students who have undergone parental divorce, and other aspects of the designated topic.

According to the organizers, this conference will contribute to the expansion of scientific cooperation, the exchange of experience and the development of activities in the field of human health.

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