Young naturalists of Altai Krai gathered at Altai State University for the popular science session dedicated to the special protection territories

1 December 2019 Faculty of Biology
On Saturday, November 30, 2019, Altai State University hosted a popular science session “Specially Protected Natural Areas as the Islands of Life”, organized by the Faculty of Biology of Altai State University.

The popular science session was held as part of “Practical Science for Schoolchildren" project.  The project was supported by a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society, provided by the Presidential Grants Fund, with active support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Altai Krai, Tigireksky Nature Reserve and AltaiNature Researchers Club.

The event was attended by teachers and young naturalists from different parts of Altai Krai, public activists engaged in civil science, amateurs and professionals, scientists, experts, biology students.

Presentations and reports were delivered by young naturalists from Krutikhinsky Вistrict – the Ecological Patrol team, school forestries from Yegoryevsky District – Forest Keepers and the Educational Research Laboratory, tourist researchers from the Caravan detachment of the Pervomaisky District, as well as representatives of the Sphere youth photo club. The children talked about options for their cooperation with specially protected natural areas – wildlife sanctuaries, natural monuments, Tigireksky Reserve. Some of the groups shared their experience in creating new protected areas in the region. For example, in mid-October, thanks to the active work of a number of activists, four new natural monuments appeared in Altai Krai. The children told the audience how and why these territories received the status of nature reserve.

The event included the presentation of the second edition of the Regional Red Book Bulletin. Schoolchildren whose information was in this publication received their own copies from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Altai Krai.

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