Series of annual district law schools started at ASU as part of “Lawyers for the Population” project

18 October 2018 Department of Educational and Extracurricular Activities

On October 15, series of annual district law schools began in Altai Krai as part of “Lawyers for the Population” project aimed at improving the legal literacy of young people and ensuring the availability of free legal aid to the population and organized by a team of students from the Law Institute.

Young lawyers will conduct classes for the anniversary of the Constitution and tell you how to avoid responsibility for reposts.

Representatives of state authorities of Altai Krai are invited to the event as experts.

The project is supported by Altai Krai Legislative Assembly, the Electoral Commission of Altai Krai, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Altai Krai, Altai State University, Altai Regional Branch of the All-Russian Political Party "United Russia" and the Garant Information Center in Barnaul.

The first events took place in the Blagoveshchensk and Suet districts. Open lectures for project participants and residents of municipalities were given by the deputy of Altai Krai Legislative Assembly, Director of “Lawyers for the Population” project Denis Goloborodko, who is the founder of the project:

“When in 2014, with a team of like-minded people, we created the project“ Lawyers for the Population ”, such exit complex events with the participation of representatives of state authorities and local self-government aimed at improving the legal literacy and legal awareness of young people were not carried out in rural settlements. Initially, educational classes included lectures and seminars on state structure, electoral law and consumer protection. Today, educational blocks are significantly expanded and constantly updated taking into account the requirements of the time. Despite the fact that the 25th anniversary of the Constitution, which is celebrated in December 2018, is the basic theme for us, we have added relevant topics on the procedure for the provision of public services in electronic form and the basics of lawful behavior on the Internet, because the number of administrative and criminal cases has increased significantly cases for actions that are qualified by law enforcement agencies as extremist."

A special block of educational activities is really dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Participants in law schools get acquainted with the history of the adoption of the basic law, study the foundations of the constitutional system, federal structure, the system of state authorities and local self-government. Additionally, interactive discussions were organized on the topic “Digital tools for the provision of state and municipal services”, in which young people learn about the range of services provided electronically and the benefits of using the State Services portal, from shortened terms for their provision to discounts on payment of state fees. In the classes on the basics of lawful behavior on the Internet, the requirements of the law on the distribution of various content and what actions can incite hatred or enmity, degrade the dignity of a person or group of people on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion or what kind of religion are explained or to a social group.

The participants of the event also conduct classes on how to implement active and passive suffrage, consumer protection mechanisms, scholarship support features, the basics of social security, labor relations of an employee and an employer, taxation of legal entities and individuals, the procedure for registering legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, and others is being discussed. themes.

In addition to organizing law schools in municipalities, students of the Altai State University Law Institute, together with specialists from the Lawyers for the Population Autonomous Non-Profit Organization, are receiving citizens on personal issues. During the work of the project in 2018, about 550 people turned to the organizers, and since the start of the project, taking into account the work in the framework of the “Snow Landing” campaign, more than 2,000 residents of the region.

“The population in municipalities has a need for free qualified legal assistance. Our lawyers regularly provide assistance in the form of oral and written legal advice to residents at personal receptions in municipalities. In addition, a unified portal of legal support and legal education of citizens was launched, on which residents can seek online advice," Denis Goloborodko said.

According to the project implementation schedule, events are held in the municipalities of the region from October 15 to 27. During this time, the project team will visit Blagoveshchensky, Suetsky, Romanovsky, Pospelikhinsky, Loktevsky, Topchikhinsky, Kytmanovsky, Togulsky, Yeltsovsky, Krasnogorsk, Soviet districts of the region and the city of Belokurikha.

“Lawyers for the Population” project is being implemented with the support of a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society and a grant from the governor of Altai Krai in the field of socially oriented non-profit organizations.

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